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Wollega University Press (WUP) was established on 27th April, 2013 on the occasion of National Symposium on Establishing, Enhancing and Sustaining Quality Practices in Education. It furthers the University’s Vision, Mission and objective of excellence in research, learning, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide at the highest international levels of excellence.

WUP uses for evaluating a new title for publication are its quality and whether it supports those aims of furthering education and disseminating knowledge. WUP publishes monographs, academic journals, textbooks and reference books in science, technology, medicine, humanities, and social sciences. We publish for all audiences–from pre-school to secondary level schoolchildren; students to academics; general readers to researchers; individuals to institutions.


WUP is to serve the needs of the scholarly community and society as a whole by disseminating new knowledge. WUP envisages to be a pace setter in scholarly and educational publishing in Ethiopia, in furtherance of the mission of the Wollega University.

WUP is to be a premier academic book publisher in Ethiopia, to preserve, create, and disseminate knowledge, conserve and develop scientific, technological and cultural heritage through quality teaching and research; to create conducive work and learning environment; to work with stakeholders for the betterment of society; to enhance and encourage research and publication, to promote a global reputation of the Wollega University by empowering the scholarly community it serves and to disseminate Ethiopian scholarship to the world.

Published Book Details:

Proceedings of the International Conference on
Creating and Enabling Future through Science, Technology and Innovation: Dynamics and  Challenges for Development Endeavors

Editors: Dr. Eba Mijena, Dr. Hirpa Legesse,  Dr. Diriba Diba and Dr. Raghavendra HL

ISBN No: 978-99944-889-3-3



Proceedings of the National Conference on

Agriculture, Climate Change and  Environmental Safety: The Challenges on National Transformation in Ethiopia   Editors: Dr. Eba Mijena, Dr. Hirpa Legesse, Dr. Diriba Diba and Dr. Raghavendra HL

ISBN No: 978-99944-889-7-1



Proceedings of the National Conference on

Quality Education in Ethiopia: The Missing Link between Theory and Practices

Editors: Dr. Eba Mijena, Dr. Tamiru Olana, Dr. Hirpa Legesse and Dr. Raghavendra HL

ISBN No: 978-99944-889-6-4